14 years ago, everything started as a 1 man company. Year after year, double digit growth was achieved, people joined I-care and new office were opened. Now, there are more than 15 offices worldwide and more than 200 employees.


The typical I-care approach is: where the market is looking for a partner like us, but locally there is nothing available, we will start a new subsidiary.


To achieve the new standard of excellence in Predictive Maintenance and Reliability, we believe that local customer needs local support in local language.

I-care think global but act local.

But what to do when there is an excellent local organisation already?

That is where I-care Alliance was borned.


What is Wikipedia saying about an alliance?

“An alliance is a relationship among people, groups, or states that have joined together for mutual benefit or to achieve some common purpose, whether or not explicit agreement has been worked out among them.”

And that is exactly what I-care Alliance is all about. We are working closely together with local partners that can provide service, sales and support, fully in line with I-care strategic vision.

Together, we are better and stronger.

And alliance partner is offering the full portfolio of I-care locally. Besides I-care alliance partners, we are also working with distributors. The difference here is that a distributor is a local representation for products we sale.