From maintenance to reliability :

Your process uptime and maintenance costs are driven by your assets reliability. And reliability is not a miracle, it is the results of right decisions taken during assets life cycle.

0,05 %

Percentage of water in oil dividing by 2 the remaining useful life of your machine

x 8

Doubled vibration level multiply by 8 your bearings wear rate


Reliability projects succesfully implemented in 10 years

Design or specification

As an OEM for design or a technical buyer for specification you must be aware that the decisions you take may multiply by 10 the life cycle cost of the assets you work on ! I-care promote and implement ROMSI engineering to ensure that each new machine designed or ordered is Reliable, Operable, Maintenable, Safe and Inspectable.

Installation or revamping

XXX is the perfect time to setup a preventive and predictive maintenance plan



Predictive technologies are part of commissioning phase to ensure the best working conditions of your equipments (Lazer Alignement and Dynamic Onsite Balancing) and to assess that they are ready for long term, reliable service.


Would you drive your car without tachometer or your process without any measurement ? No, of course ! So why do you drive your maintenance without any evaluation of your assets health ? I-care provide you with an EHI (Equipment Health Index) based on multiple condition monitoring technologies (Vibration Analysis, Lubricants Analysis, Motor Current Analysis, Infrared Thermography, Ultrasound testing) to help you taking the right decision… before anyone else !

Post Mortem

When a machine is breaking down or broken, it is very important to measure and analyse the primary Root Causes (RCFA) in order to remove them from the new/refurbished equipement.