Wi-care and I-see have been forming a good team for more than two years now. I-see, the first web-based platform integrating multiple predictive technologies, provides to customers a comprehensive and accurate diagnostic of mechanical assets. It collects data from Wi-care on site through a gateway and interpretes them.

However, at I-care, engineers don’t want to provide a good service, they want to provide excellence. That’s why I-see lite has been created.

Their willingness was to develop a solution that will interact directly with the data collected by the on-site gateway. Indeed, I-see is a powerful tool that interpret and gives you a precise diagnostic of collected data.

With I-see web platform, the communication between the cloud and the site used to take 5 to 10 minutes of latence. With I-see Lite, the user will visualize REAL TIME data.



Let’s summarize the functions available in I-see Lite.



Welcome screen with a “donut” representing alarm status distribution as well as a comprehensive list of the last 30 days acquisitions and related measurement points.



I-see Lite gives the user information about connectivity and units. 


The Net status function shows the status of the transmitters.

3 possibilities :

  • identified and connected
  • identified and lost
  • Non-identified but connected



Hierarchic localisation of assets (ex : Plant A/Machine B/Transmitter C…)

For more information, visit the Wi-care website.