My Typical Workday...

Malgorzata, Office Expert - GERMANY

I start my day with checking my e-mails and to-do list and choose the priorities for the day. I also check my calendar to check, if I have meetings or important calls to do. Then:
  • I answer the e-mails from the clients, suppliers or colleagues.
  • I contact the customers for the scheduled measurements.
  • I plan and schedule all the projects for the German team.
  • I create the projects after receiving purchase order from clients and organize needed equipment.
  • I take care of purchase and sales invoices and the bookkeeping system.
  • I am the first contact person in the office for our potential and existing customers, suppliers and candidates.
  • I also solve issues and help in all administrative matter.
  • I take care of job applications and open positions in our team.
  • I take care of everything my team needs for an effective work.
My job is critical for the effective and efficient work of my colleagues. Although I am not an engineer, I am the link between all the people and I help to make everything work





My Typical Workday...

Jonas, Product Engineer, BELGIUM

"My first task in the morning is to clear my emails, I send packages to our customers or subsidiaries (several products). Then, I take actions related to my second clearing of emails: 

  • I answer to technical questions from customers or colleagues (mails/phone calls).
  • I send price quotations to our customers (material, installation and/or training).
  • I negotiate firstly with our suppliers about technical and commercial aspects and, in consequence, I negotiate it with the customers.
  • I finalize orders with our suppliers. When the orders arrive at our offices, I check and take delivery of it. 
  • I launch a second wave of package sending to our customers.
  • Finally, to end up the process, I encode on our invoicing program

Several times a week, I check our storage for eventual emergency requests and I prepare the tools and material to use for performances. "


My Typical Workday...

Florent, Reliability Engineer, BELGIUM

"I start my day drinking a coffee while discussing with my colleagues (it's the best way to know what's going on around or to learn new stuff).

  • I look at the planning, the scheduled visits and the more urgent consignment record in order to plan my day.
  • I meet the drawers who provide me the technical plans (PID).
  • Then, I go on the field to learn how to fill my consignment record, I also take some pictures. If I have technical questions, I ask my colleagues and collect a maximum of information.
  • Back at the office, I start writing the form and I request information from HSE manager about potential specific measures. I add to my form the material to use and my risk analysis.
  • Once the writing is over, I send the form to maintenance for validation. After validation, I start encoding on the customer's server."




Would you like to join Florent as a Reliability Engineer?



My Typical Workday...

Enrique (Henry), Sales Manager - AMERICAS

My typical day starts with a strong cup of coffee. I am in constant contact with our customers and representatives across the Americas, there is always a new application for our Wi-care products or need for I-care service.
  • Managing emails and phone calls keeps me going, many more customers are aware of I-care Reliability. 
  • Coordinating my calendar with customer meetings must done right, sometimes you only have one opportunity to meet. 
  • Understand what the customer needs, its not just selling products, its providing a solution that solves a problem. 
  • Send quote, Send quote, send quote. 
  • Manage by influence, our representatives are fully independent organizations, my challenge is to get the most time-share and mind-share from them so they accurately represent I-care Reliability.
  • Tailor product presentations for the next customer meetings. 
This is a very rewarding job in many ways. I personally get motivated when we solve a problem for the customer and we gain their loyalty.