I-see: The driving force behind operational intelligence

Prevent downtime and save costs

I-see is an easy, clear, quick and intuitive solution that gives a warning signal when machinery is about to break down. This way, maintenance can be done before the machine is out of order! This will prevent downtime, increase your efficiency and save costs. Designed in-house by I-care’s own engineers, I-see focusses on machine reliability and enables you to visualize machine health, measure performance against a range of KPI’s and produce diagnostic reports. And, unlike many other online data driven platforms, the data is always owned by you.

Predictive maintenance – how does it work?

I-see integrates multiple condition monitoring technologies including vibration, temperature and rotating speed, but also any process data from third party software, providing a very high rate of fault detection. This reduces unplanned downtime and improves machine reliability and therefore productivity.

The I-see web-based platform also integrates our Wi-care range of wireless condition monitoring sensors for increased automation of your predictive maintenance strategy. I-see data management and presentation is secure, simple and effective, and all data is stored and managed to very high standards.

Made to work for your business

  • Web-based portal
    Our web-based portal takes the hard work out of providing comprehensive data to the right departments.
  • Easy information sharing
    Real-time exchange of information between people and departments.
  • Plug and play system
    The web-based portal requires no software installation.
  • Integrated technologies
    Mixing (new) IIoT devices, data and applications on one platform providing an end-to-end predictive maintenance and reliability solution.

Why I-see

  • Big data
    I-see makes dealing with large amounts of data and turning these data into insight simple. It integrates disparate data sources, while validating and securing data.
  • Machine learning
    Precise and accurate business intelligence.
  • Diagnostic Analysis tool
    A Tool that helps giving insight in complex problems.
  • Asset Health Management
    Better insight in asset health and asset end of life decisions.
  • Steering
    Customizable dashboard, KPI monitoring, automated notifications.
  • Security
    Mitigate security challenges.
  • Multi-App connected
    Flexible deployment and connectivity.

I-see & your business

Do you want to know what I-see can do for your business? Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your possibilities.