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I-care, main player of Industry 4.0

I-care, main player of Industry 4.0

The Industry world has always been in perpetual evolution with the main purpose to improve its production efficiency.

Calibration & Measurement All sectors 20 June 2018

The arrival of the 4.0 Revolution

Just like had taken place the industrial revolution in 18th century, as well as the productive economies of scale and the automated production, a new revolution is now taking place : the 4.0 Revolution.

This revolution takes place through the generalized use of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS). The CPS are networks of objects which interact virtually from physical entrances to supply results and tangible actions. Thus, we see merging the information technology (IT) and the operational technology (OT).

Indeed, the notions of Internet of Things (IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI) or Big Data are replacing the steam engine. These 21th century’s innovations give now the Industry access to advanced technologies.

This is where Wi-care & I-see, the solutions developed by I-care, take place :


I-see is a web-based platform that allows the managing of IIoT with cabled or wireless sensors. It is a tool dedicated to the Reliability and Predictive Maintenance. It allows the user to manage analyses of advanced data, the planning, reports, automatic alarms and KPI’s.

It is a multi-technological control tool that allows to determine the health of equipments through an online sharing-data portal, available 24/7.


Wi-care is a wireless technology range of products combining a transmitter and a sensor. Its flexibility allows to use it with the post popular measurement technologies such as vibration, speed, temperature, ultrasounds or oil-analysis.

Wi-care products offers a more accurate monitoring of critical assets than the manual collection of data or the temporary online supervision. They are also the perfect solution for assets located in places difficult to reach or in hazardous environment.

Combined with I-see, which requires no installation or software, Wi-care offers the possibility to collect remotely the equipment's information at any time, allowing the realization of spectrum analysis in safe and efficient conditions. This information is available on smartphone, tablet or any other modern Web access.


Wi-care and I-see are a real bargain for our customers:

  • High diagnosis capacity
  • Reception of the information in real-time
  • Removal of the endless waiting times of data processing
  • Reduction of the exhibition of his staff in zone of risks
  • Eliminate unnecessary plannings of machine’s maintenance
  • Reduction of unnecessary spending

Now, You better understand the role played by I-care in our today’s society. By developing its own wireless and remote solution, I-care establish itself as a real player in Industry 4.0.