Planning & Scheduling

Planning & Scheduling

An effective Planning & Scheduling process drives efficiency into the maintenance organization. It is a necessity in order to move from a reactive to a proactive maintenance organization. Otherwise it is indispensable to support every effort to increase equipment reliability.

Reliability Solutions All sectors 26 June 2018

All proactive work can only be executed if work is planned and the percentage of reactive work is lowered.

The Planning & Scheduling process provides proper work identification, control, planning, scheduling, and execution of work to a minimum standard of application and performance. The FRACAS feedback loop guarantees continuous improvement.

Work that is planned before assignment reduces unnecessary delays during jobs and work that is scheduled reduces delays between jobs. Introduction of well-developed job plans increases the quality of jobs.

While implementing Planning & Scheduling the KPI’s that really matter are set up to help you steer the organisation into the right direction.