CTC Sensors

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CTC Sensors

I-care can provide you with all CTC® accelerometers and velocity sensors.

CTC Vibration


I-care can provide you with all CTC® accelerometers and velocity sensors such as: 

  • 4-20 mA sensors with outputs proportional to acceleration or velocity 
  • High temperature accelerometers 
  • IEPE accelerometers 
  • Low frequency piezoelectric accelerometers 
  • High frequency accelerometers 
  • High sensitivity accelerometers 
  • Accelerometers equipped with a temperature sensor -Optional one / two or three axial transducers


All CTC accelerometers feature a welded stainless steel construction for survival in harsh factory environments. A dual case design shields the sensing element from RFI & EMI interference. PZT ceramic sensing elements are utilized to provide the highest signal to noise ratio available, which is critical for use with data collectors, which often integrate an acceleration signal to velocity.