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Vibvue 16 Vibvue Logo

VibVue™ is a high-speed camera and video software solution for faster, easier, and less error-prone diagnosis of vibration and system dynamics problems.

Mechanical Solutions, Inc. Vibration


Enables Reliability and Maintenance Engineers to:

  • Pinpoint problems & root causes
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Reduce problem resolution time
  • Reduce machine or plant downtime


Key Features:

  • Training and support provided by seasoned vibration experts
  • Slows down and magnifies motion up to 1,000x vs. competition’s 50x
  • Comprehensively shows vibration in a 1-2 megapixel scene
  • Detect and display quantitative vibration levels/frequency spectra
  • Wide frequency range from low to >600Hz
  • Record and display transient "shock-like" processes
  • PC-based, mobile, portable, no internet needed on site
  • Less expensive, easier to learn & use than alternatives