180 wireless Wi-care sensors installed on a Sugar Refinery in Denmark

180 wireless Wi-care sensors installed on a Sugar Refinery in Denmark

I-care engineers installed 180 wireless Wi-care sensors in a Sugar Refinery in Denmark.

News Industry 4.0 27 September 2018

I-care has just realized one of the biggest maintenance 4.0 installation of his history.

It takes place in Denmark in a sugar refinery where not less than 180 wireless Wi-care vibration sensors were installed, configured and activated within 4 days. Directly after the installation, the first vibratory data were collected and treated by I-see, the cloud-based platform of I-care.

A perfect management of an international project

This project allowed to demonstrate the reactivity and the unwavering coordination of I-care teams at an international level. Indeed, the negotiation and the finalization of this Danish order was managed by I-care Germany.

From confirmation of the customer, it has taken less than 4 weeks to produce the sensors, range extenders and gateway in Belgium and to send a team made up of 2 Belgians (1 French speaker and 1 Dutch speaker) and of a Frenchman to place and start the complete installation.

Meeting the customer’s needs

The shutdown, planned or not are very expensive in a sugar refinery. It can amount in million euros by days in loss of production.

The main objective of the customer was to reduce these downtimes thanks to concrete and reliable data allowing effective decision-making.

The implementation of the vibration and temperature Wi-care sensors on his main equipment and the management of the data collected and treated by I-see will allow him to draw up a strategic, more precise and efficient maintenance plan.

Wi-care: a real Plug & Play system

The installation of those wireless Wi-care vibration and temperature sensors in 40 machines took 4 days: this is the proof that Wi-care is a real Plug and Play system!