I-care attending

Who should attend IMVAC USA? Vibration analysts, condition monitoring technicians, and maintenance reliability managers who want to improve their knowledge about vibration analysis and complementary technologies (Thermography, Wear Particle, Oil Analysis, Motor Testing, Ultrasound, Lubrication, Alignment and Field Testing).

Event USA From 12 to 15 November 2018

Ray Garvey, R&D engineer at I-care Group, will hold a conference about "Intelligent decimation derives sonic and ultrasonic stress waves" on November 14th at 3PM. 

Intelligent DNA (decimation numerical algorithm) gleans valuable information from oversampled vibration data before it is destroyed through normal decimation processes.  Traditional decimation reduces ultrasonic frequency range digital vibration data to a maximum freqeuncy range of interest.  This is efficient and effective for monitoring sinusoidal motion, rotation, displacement, and natural resonance of mechanical components.  Intelligent decimation studies the oversampled data first.  There are three superimposed vibration constituents.  Lower sonic frequencies convey information about dynamic motion of components as just stated.  Higher sonic frequency data reveal forceful compression and impulse stress wave information.  Ultrasonic frequency illuminate occurrences of friction, turbulence, and interfacial slip stress waves.  Intelligent DNA derives sonic and ultrasonic waveforms indicative precise timing and sequences for forceful engaments in addition to weaker slip, rub, and friction movements.  Monitoring applications include slow speed, reciprocating, articulating, and rotating machines, in addition to electrical gear and process flows.