New Wi-care mission in Singapore

New Wi-care mission in Singapore

Contacted by one of its petrochemical customers headquarted in Europe, I-care engineers have been requested for a predictive maintenance intervention in one of the customer’s factory located in Singapore. The main goal of this mission was to setup the remote monitoring of 4 critical pumps.

News Condition Monitoring 17 May 2019

A monitoring necessity

Thanks to a successful long-term collaboration in Europe, a major petrochemical company recommended I-care to the innovation manager of its subsidiary located in Singapore for a remote monitoring project in Predictive Maintenance. 

Indeed, the customer needed a close and accurate monitoring of 4 critical pumps in hazardous location (ATEX zone). I-care engineers installed two Wi-care 130 sensors on each pump and were able to monitor the behaviour of the pumps almost instantaneously and then prevent potential failures.

Wi-care 130 is equipped with a tri-axial technology. The customer was able to synchronise measurements according to three different directions at the same time. Wi-care 130 reduces the number of sensors needed for more accurate measurement.

Wi-care and I-see, the global 4.0 solution

In parallel of this Wi-care installation, our engineer in the field connected these sensors to I-care web-based platform I-see, the perfect tool to monitor your assets remotely, wherever you are. The customer will be able to check the health of its equipment directly at the factory, at home or wherever he wants!

The installation has been supervised by Tristan Lamesch, our Australasian Customer Care Manager operating in the field.

Wi-care 110 and 130, the ideal monitoring tools for hazardous environment

Wi-care range is taking a new turn, after more than 5 years of proven experience in the maintenance domain and offers today a global 4.0 solution. Wi-care 100-series offers a range of 2 monitoring tools with the ATEX certification. Wi-care 110 and 130 are ATEX certified and can be used in explosives atmospheres.

A successful collaboration

The operation has been a real success and the customer is, once again, very satisfied of I-care performance. The customer is now able to check the health of its equipment remotely, wherever and whenever, with a maximum accuracy of its data analysis.

More information

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