CBM Conference Europe 2019

CBM Conference Europe 2019
I-care attending

I-care is taking part in the CBM Conference, the only European conference dedicated to condition monitoring professionals.

Event Belgium From 3 to 6 June 2019

Come and see our two main interventions at CBM conference

The third day of the event, on 5th june, I-care will present two major conferences

The first intervention will be led by Jos Sas, Chief Product Officer at I-care. He'll talk during 20 minutes about "Automatic Condition based greasing of Roller Element Bearings". 

The second intervention will be presented by Kris Deckers, Chief Operational Officer at I-care. He will present a Case Study : "Overhead Crane Monitoring"

These conferences will be followed with reception with food and drinks in Exhibition Hall and en evening dinner. 

You can subscribe to the conference right here

I-care attending the CBM conference

I-care participates for the third time to CBM Conference, formerly IMVAC, the only European conference for any professional who cares about vibration analysis, condition monitoring, predictive maintenance, oil analysis, infrared thermography, motor testing, ultrasound, lubrication, and alignment and balancing from 3 to 6 June.


What is the CBM Conference Europe?

The CBM Conference is Europe’s largest and only conference dedicated to condition monitoring professionals. The conference covers a broad cross-section of topics in the industry, including:

  • Vibration analysis: the method of detecting subtle changes in vibrations that occur when machines suffer from a wide range of faults
  • Infrared thermography: a thermal imaging technology used to detect electrical process and manufacturing faults
  • Wear debris analysis: a method of detecting metal wear particles and other contaminants in oil samples
  • Motor testing: a method of using motor current measurements to detect faults in the supply voltage
  • Ultrasound: listening to frequencies above our range of hearing to detect friction, turbulence and impact within machines
  • Lubrication: the key to long life of machine parts
  • Condition monitoring: ensuring correct condition to extend lifespan
  • Alignment and balance: ensuring centrifugal forces are kept to a minimum to decrease strain and improve reliability.