Reliability Day - Netherlands | North

Reliability Day - Netherlands | North
I-care event

We are once again organizing our Reliability Days for Predictive Maintenance and Reliability professionals. This year, they will be organized in Belgium, France and the Netherlands during the month of October.

Event Netherlands 17 October 2019

We are pleased to organize a session of our Reliability Day at RWE Essent Eemshaven. 

With its three operating divisions – Lignite & Nuclear, European Power and Supply & Trading – RWE AG plays a vital role in the operation of the energy system and in securing supply in Europe. Our fourth pillar is our majority shareholding in innogy SE.  

Despite challenging market conditions, RWE makes a major contribution towards stabilising the European energy system. Conventional power generation will continue to be a partner to renewable energy sources in the future. Furthermore, through our trading activities we are able to balance out the massive fluctuations in energy generated by renewables.

Ten years ago, the Dutch authorities designated the port areas of Maasvlakte near Rotterdam and Eemshaven near Groningen as sites for new power plants, because of the presence of ports for importing fuel and the availability of sufficient cooling water. RWE accepted the invitation from the Dutch authorities and built an ultramodern coal-fired power plant in Eemshaven, with a capacity of 1,560 MW, which was commissioned in 2015. The plant, consisting of units A and B, plays an important role in supplying the Netherlands with affordable and reliable electricity.

During this day, participants will have the opportunity to attend several workshops and interactive presentations.


Experiment our I-plan & I-build Business Games.

They provide a fun way to train people active in industrial maintenance to optimize, anticipate and plan stop management. The games use the following capabilities: strategy, coordination, collaboration and agility.




Maintenance 4.0 solutions with the new Wi-care 200 Series

We will take this opportunity to introduce our new Wi-care 200 Series, an intelligent and versatile monitoring tool for variable speed equipment that complements the existing 100 Series. With the I-see software, the package is an innovative global solution for predictive maintenance as part of the 4.0 maintenance.


Case studies in predictive maintenance and lubrication

Two case studies will be presented to explain a concrete problem that our teams had to answer.



Production site visit

This year, our Reliability Days will be held at some of our customers. This will be a unique opportunity to discover diverse production sites and share maintenance management experiences.


Participation in this day is completely free. You can already register below, the maximum number of participants being 40 people maximum per location. We are waiting for you for this day which promises to be rewarding!

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