I-care confirms its US development by signing a 4.0 project with a major Pharma company

I-care confirms its US development by signing a 4.0 project with a major Pharma company

Less than a year after the global predictive contract signed with a major US power supplier, I-care Reliability Inc., the US subsidiary of I-care Group, confirms its development on American soil by assisting one of the world’s premium biopharmaceutical companies in its digital transformation to Maintenance 4.0.

News Condition Monitoring 26 November 2019

Wi-care™ 140 installation as a first step

The first step of the transformation to Maintenance 4.0 is to migrate for a periodic manual condition monitoring to an online remote solution.

Following a successful test phase made these last months, the portable data collectors currently used for quarterly monitoring will progressively become obsolete by the fitting of not less than 170 units of Wi-care™ 140 wireless sensors on the entire HVAC installation of one of the customer’s facilities.

The Wi-care 140 is a 4-channels wireless vibration and temperature transmitter specifically designed for HVAC systems. 

Automated data collection

The measures taken several times per day by the Wi-care™ 140 sensors will be automatically and securely transferred into I-see™, the I-care’s cloud-based portal for data treatment and analysis.

The I-see™ Control Room and the set-up of alarms will make the life of the customer’s maintenance team more comfortable, allowing them see in real-time their HVAC system health and to be notified immediately when a problem occurs.

A failure detection even more accurate and reliable thanks to I-DNA technology

I-DNA™ = Intelligent Decimation Numerical Algorithm

This technology developed by I-care equips all Wi-care ™ sensors and allows the defaults detection in their earliest stage. This intelligent technique quantifies time domain events such as impacts, bearing and gear defects, slipping, rubbing, sliding, mechanical friction, and electrical arcing.

Unparalleled experience of Predictive Maintenance 4.0.

In a future step, thanks to its machine learning algorithm, I-see™ will able to automatically detect various type of defaults and send the information to the customer’s CMMS in order to generate a work order.

Also, when an unknown machine behavior will be detected, the system will use the experience from the field technician to learn and register this new incident in its database for future automated prediction. This is what we call “self-learning process”, making a real difference from competitors’ solutions.

This approach is part of our Industry 4.0 Roadmap consisting of 7 steps designed as follow :

Inustry 4.0 Roadmap by I-care

Inustry 4.0 Roadmap by I-care

Automation to serve efficiency

The automation of decision in case of default improves OEE (Original Equipment Effectiveness) by increasing the first time fix rate, decreasing the mean time to repair and dramatically reducing the risk of unplanned downtime.

Thanks the implementation of our solution, the customer can expect up to 21% reduction of its maintenance costs.

More information

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