Innovation award for I-care and its 4.0 predictive maintenance solution

Innovation award for I-care and its 4.0 predictive maintenance solution

At its annual meeting held in Lille end of November 2019, the French Technical Association for the Pulp and Paper Industry (ATIP) awarded I-care the Bronze Palm for its Wi-care™ and I-see™ products, a 4.0 predictive maintenance solution.

News Condition Monitoring 5 December 2019

An annual congress dedicated to pulp & paper professionals in France

During 2 days, the French paper industry, their suppliers and customers gathered to share their experiences at conferences, round tables and workshops. A showroom of paper products innovations was also organized.


I-care's expertise in the paper industry

With many customers in this sector, I-care was of course present at this key event. Olivier Dengis, Chief Performance Officer at I-care, opened the conference by presenting a factory of the future project (4.0 industry) currently being implemented at one of our clients, a French specialist in cardboard manufacturing corrugated board .

The methodology applied by I-care for this project is part of our industry 4.0 roadmap with 7 steps designed as follows:


Wi-care ™ & I-see ™ rewarded with a Palm of Innovation

The ATIP awarded the 2019 Bronze Award to I-care for its 4.0 predictive maintenance solution, a system already operational at several paper industry companies. Wi-care ™ and I-see ™ are part of the "Generate", "Collect" and "Analyze" steps of our Industry 4.0 roadmap.

The only prize awarded to a service provider, this is a real recognition from Pulp & Paper professionals to I-care and its expertise in the field of predictive maintenance.

Unparalleled experience of Predictive Maintenance 4.0.

Wi-care ™ is probably the most powerful wireless predictive maintenance system on the market. Combined with I-see ™, the online analytics platform, they are a complete 4.0 maintenance solution.

Moreover, thanks to its Machine Learning algorithm developed in collaboration with IBM, the system is able to automatically detect various types of defects and send the information to the client's CMMS tool in order to automatically generate a work order .



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