I-care receives the employment award at Mercure awards ceremony !

I-care receives the employment award at Mercure awards ceremony !

Last week, I-care assisted the Mercury awards ceremony. Through those awards, the city of Mons is willing to to highlight the audacious people that launched their own business.

News Condition Monitoring 23 December 2019

Mercury award of employment 2019 for I-care 

The Mercury awards reward companies in the Mons region for their positive impact on the local economic and social point of view. 

With an annual growth of more than 25% for more than 5 years, I-care is one of the main providers of employment in the region. In the first 9 months of the year, no less than 43 new full-time employment contracts were signed. That's why the municipal authorities of the city of Mons awarded I-care the 2019 Mercury Prize for Economic Expansion.


Second Mercury Award for I-care

This is the second time that I-care has won the Mercury Prize. The previous award was won in 2007 for its innovation thanks to the development of Wi-care, the connected predictive maintenance sensor.

About I-care™

Founded in 2004, I-care Group is today one of the global leaders in Predictive Maintenance and Reliability Engineering. With its headquarter in Belgium and a direct presence in more than 15 countries worldwide, I-care Reliability Group has a team of 300+ engineers who can service customers anywhere in the world. I-care offers a wide range of high added value products, training and services to predict, advice and accompany its industrial customers in optimised maintenance plans and production availability at controlled costs by reducing the risk of unplanned shutdowns.


More information

Would you like to know more about how I-care can help you reduce your downtime? Visit our website www.icareweb.com or contact us +32 (0)65 45 72 14 or by email via leads@icareweb.com.