I-care Reliability Inc. at IMC 2019

I-care Reliability Inc. at IMC 2019

I-care Reliability Inc. attended the IMC 2019: The top two issues we heard from reliability leaders..

News 18 December 2019

I-care Reliability Inc enjoyed a productive and fun week at IMC 2019. We heard two very consistent topics of concern from reliability leaders on what they face towards building a proactive maintenance culture.  

Data, data and more data!

IIoT and enhanced analytics is getting a lot of attention, but yet reliability leaders seemed concerned it is becoming more of a distraction than a solution. We were told that basic blocking and tackling PdM and PM activities, work management efforts, and overall proper usage and configuration of current EAM/CMMS softwares are losing focus. “What is the purpose of collecting more data if we aren’t going to digest it and make the needed decisions that the information is telling us.”, said a Vice President and GM from the power generation sector. Part of the journey is understanding how and when to implement IIoT technology, but ensuring the cultural foundation of your organization is ready for that next step to help drive value added  results. 

People and staffing

Job openings are staying open for longer and longer durations, reliability leaders are not getting approvals to add fulltime headcount , and there is no real transfer of knowledge occurring when staff members move on or retire. “We have the documented processes, SOPs, and KPIs, we have invested in all the needed technology and software, but now hiring and retaining people is holding us back from sustaining all the progress we have made towards proactive maintenance.”, said a Reliability Manager from the food and beverage industry. The impression we received is that this issue has no real solution, and was discussed is many forums all week. 

I-care Reliability is changing the way the world performs maintenance, and understands the markets current challenges. We are investing heavily to address the issues our clients face, and we will continue to listen and learn what reliability leaders need to be successful in their positions.

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