Safely back at work with H-care program

Safely back at work with H-care program

COVID19 controls our lives and our daily activities. More than ever, this new situation forces us to be more creative, precise and agile. However, this situation also creates threats that we do not yet see. It is very important to think about and respond to this now.

News 30 April 2020


With the I-care Health-care program (H-care) we help you to scale up your economic activities quickly, accurately and safely. Together we stand strongly against the consequences of this pandemic. It's time to move forward!

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  1. Ensuring sanitary security
  2. A safe restart of economic and social activity for all
  3. Respecting national and international laws & regulations
  4. Respecting human rights
  5. Ensuring and maintaining health and safety (workers, families, friends, etc.)
  6. Resuming business activities after the Covid-19 crisis
  7. Risk management and support for partners (customers, suppliers, distributors, etc.)
  8. Sharing the expertise of I-care in terms of methodology for projects related to change, in terms of responsiveness and agility


Our approach is based on the "The track runner" approach. Fast response time, quick start-up and followed by constant dedication to ensure you achieve your goals.

The H-care program takes place in 2 phases;


The first phase is short and lasts 2 to a maximum of 5 days. The audit performed during this period concerns a specific risk analysis and the prioritization and implementation of security measures. The aim of the first phase is to get employees back to work quickly and safely. The so-called 'protection phase'.


The second phase focuses on the long term. The implementation of processes and best practices to combat the epidemic. Depending on the size of your company, this phase lasts from 5 to a maximum of 50 days. By implementing these processes and best practices you ensure that your company is ready for a potential next crisis (safety, health, financial, climate, social, etc.). The so-called 'prevention phase'.


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We provide insight into the methodologies, analyzes, results and recommendations for you via our H-care app. This app is furnished with the look & feel of your company and is offered to you for free.

You are and remain the owner of your data. The app is used as a communication tool for all employees, contractors and suppliers to make everyone aware of the procedures you have implemented to ensure the health of your people and business continuity.

  1. The first deliverable is the strategy determination. It contains the evaluation report, the current state of your organization, the risk analysis report and a structured list of protection measures to be implemented in order of priority. The qualitative approach
  2. The second deliverable is a detailed action plan in which the preventive measures are translated into actions and advice.

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The basis of communication and reporting is the transparency of your organization towards all employees. Via the app we show the dynamic progress of the action plan, so that everyone has insight into the steps that have been and will be taken. This ensures that everyone can see that good measures have been implemented to ensure people's safety. This provides a reassuring effect for the employees.

The details of the action plan as well as the risk analysis and the score per category are intuitively displayed in the app for QHSE team members.

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We are your central partner for services and materials throughout the implementation phase. We have organized ourselves in such a way that in addition to setting up the action plan and implementing new methodologies and procedures, we will also provide you with the necessary means, such as dispensaries, mouth masks, signs and protective instruments, if these are mentioned in the action plan. We believe that this "one stop shop" approach ensures both speed and efficiency of implementation.

I-care delivers goods at cost. I-care will donate 50% of the services benefits to research against Covid-19.


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