I-care engineers uses Apps for a better Data management

I-care engineers uses Apps for a better Data management

Collecting data from machines is a big part of a good engineer’s job. At I-care, we like to stay connected and we monitor machine parks with our Wi-care IIoT tool. Analyzing data is the second part of the job and following our working method at I-care, we keep it connected using Apps, performing what I-care can do better: Maintenance 4.0.

News Calibration & Measurement 8 February 2019

The digitization of data management

Most of the Condition Monitoring Engineers still use paper or inefficient software tools and processes to collect data from the machine, record their own assessments of that data, generate reports from all of that, and consult reference materials and schedules.

Julien Grégoire, an I-care Reliability Engineer, took the initiative to drive I-care to the next digital level: “It was all about saving time in the field and having very accurate and reliable information from the field. So no more copying from a sheet of paper to an Excel file and then putting the Excel file in the Word and making a report from that.”

Using AppSheet to reach a 100% digital solution

Julien is an engineer,  not a software developer. Nonetheless, AppSheet’s no-code platform allowed him to create 10 to 15 mobile apps for I-care. “Now we have very high-performing apps—not just a Google Form,” says Julien.

I-care field engineers use one of those apps during vibration analysis of turning machines. “The AppSheet-powered app is not taking vibration data, we have specific tools for that,” Julien explains. “The app helps them taking data from the machine, with pictures and the location as well, some useful information for the health analysis, and some technical specifications.”

AppSheet also at I-care office

Improving field work efficiency is the main focus area of I-care’s AppSheet efforts. But our employees are using AppSheet at the office as well. We built an attendance app for the office. Workers and visitors enter their information into the app as they come onsite. That way, if there’s ever a fire at the facility, We will know what people are in the I-care building and need to be accounted for.

AppSheet is getting more and more popular within the company,” says Julien, who spends two days a week creating apps. He’s working on a lubrication analysis app that’s similar to the vibration analysis app that should be available early 2019. 

More Information

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