I-care introduces Opex model to speed up Industry 4.0 transition

I-care introduces Opex model to speed up Industry 4.0 transition

Wi-care as a service is a new OPEX-based delivery model that will help many companies to implement their Industry 4.0 strategies. This model will not just eliminate a lot of obstacles on the way to transitioning to a wireless monitoring solution, but also covers a full range of key elements to becoming a more data-driven organization. And just as important, it will help I-care’s European and American customers to make good use of every reliability euro and dollar.

News Industry 4.0 15 March 2021

With the Wi-care 100 and 200 series, we already have a solid plug and play wireless IoT solution on the market for asset monitoring and reliability. Ease of use, a fast installation process and versatility to cover a great range of scenarios are some of the benefits for the many customers that have chosen our solutions . Now we introduce Wi-care as a service, a solution that will drive down your maintenance costs and increase your uptime by integrating and delivering the optimal predictive maintenance solution that fits your needs.

A scalable and reliable solution

Wi-care as a service addresses a CAPEX challenge for many organizations that use wireless IoT technology as part of their predictive maintenance strategy. This applies to both European and North American organizations. “Freeing up the budget is a process that is often slow, with uncertain outcomes”, says Pieter Van Camp (Customer Care Officer at I-care Group in Belgium). This is a problem for customers that have identified a need in their daily operation and want to make the transition from the standard offline approach of monitoring assets to remote monitoring with a higher frequency."

Mark Geller, Director of Operations at I-care Reliability in Houston, Texas, adds: “Our American customers are looking for alternative methods to sponsor the transition to wireless vibration monitoring as they start to implement their 4.0 strategies. There are many roadblocks to implementing wireless monitoring, such as capital needs, infrastructure, transparent pricing, inclusive monitoring services, reliability of monitoring equipment, quality of analysis, quality of service and upgrades to the latest technology. Our OPEX model removes these obstacles. The OPEX model is a scalable and reliable option and is delivered by one of the biggest PDM service companies in the world.”

Especially when customers want to implement wireless monitoring on a large scale, with sometimes tens of thousands of mounted devices, an OPEX-based delivery model is much more feasible for these organizations says Van Camp: “We believe strongly in this model, that offers customers an easier path to new technology solutions. This belief is supported by an online assessment we did about Industry 4.0 in our markets. The results show that many organizations are ready for this transition.”

All-inclusive cost model per machine

So, how does it work? We help you to select the optimal data acquisition technology for your specific use case, our domain expert turns your data into actionable information and you follow up your KPI’s through our integrated and open visualization platform I-see™This enables you to take pro-active actions that reduce costs and increase uptime, every step of the way. Further, Wi-care as a service is also a delivery model that allows you to implement our mounted monitoring solutions with traditional route-based PDM. It eliminates the - sometimes rather large - upfront capital needs traditionally needed for such a solution. Wi-care as a Service employs an all-inclusive cost model per machine including hardware, installation, analysis, reporting, support and warranty.

The value of historical data will remain while deploying Wi-care as a service. “Many of our customers (we have been servicing them in the Industry 4.0 space since ’04) have historical data, for example about uptime of assets and causes of failures. In our open platform I-see™ we use AI to categorize these data and combine them with real-time data to support better decision making about these assets. Data might be old, but that sure doesn’t mean it becomes worthless. Another key differentiator is that clients can include our Expert Kit into the package. This gives us the ability to add sensors to machines to assist in troubleshooting equipment. As a portable tool that can be outfitted with cellular technology for remote applications, this can reduce travel costs."

More bang for your buck

Our approach with Wi-care as a service covers many building blocks in our roadmap for Industry 4.0 and beyond. We help to generate and collect data (with our I-see™ open platform), analyze and visualize these in a dashboard and partner up with consultancy services to act on this information. Geller: “I do expect this to expand our market reach in the US. Due to the large geography of our industrial base in the US travel expenses can be 30 to 50 percent of the costs of an onsite route based PDM services, which is not a good use of our client’s reliability dollar.”

Geller continues: “Many times we find that this service is the same cost as monthly on-site PDM Services which makes the OPEX model an easy sale or upgrade. Our package is also backed by an experienced service provider that has the expertise to assist clients with all of their reliability services and product needs. We have been doing this for decades. More data, safer processes, the same quality, similar price and remote troubleshooting. What’s not to like?”

With our new service finally there, let’s plan your next step in your Industry 4.0 strategy and beyond! Discover the many benefits of our advanced IoT technology and services to improve your business.

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Pieter Van Camp, Customer Care Director