I-care, partner of the PROPHESY project

I-care, partner of the PROPHESY project

I-care is part of the PROPHESY project that is aimed to act as a catalyst for the wider deployment and uptake of next generation, optimal, adaptive and self-configurable Predictive Maintenance services.

News 3 July 2018

PROPHESY will deliver, validate and evaluate in operational conditions a PdM services platform (PROPHESY-PDM), which will alleviate several of the issues that prevent manufacturers from deploying PdM services, including the issues of data fragmentation, the lack of data interoperability and the limited deployment of advanced analytics, while at the same time enabling manufacturers to close the loop from PdM activities to production processes.

I-care, a valued partner for the project

I-care heavily contributes in the project leading the work related to ‘Sensors and Data Collectors Integration’, the ‘Automatic Data Collection’, the ‘Visualization Techniques and Dashboards Specifications’, the ‘PdM Dashboards Implementation’ and the ‘Clustering and Standardization Activities’.

More information on the PROPHESY Website.

The 1st Prophesy Project Meeting took place in San Sebastián, Pais Vasco, Spain on February 2018. Great ideas and progress discussed on PROPHESY-#PdM solutions. 

PROPHESY's technical meeting took place in Athens. The team is moving from specs to implementation making PROPHESY reality.