Let your predictive maintenance specialist do, it does not cost you more!

Let your predictive maintenance specialist do, it does not cost you more!

Do you know that more than 40% of bearings break before their intended end of life due to poor lubrication? In fact, properly lubricated equipment lasts much longer, and oil analyses validate the effectiveness of lubrication.

News Condition Monitoring 30 August 2018

Oil analysis by I-care:



The flexibility of sampling

Two choices: the sampling is done by an I-care engineer or by yourself (we coach you for the first sampling)



Sending the sample

Two choices: you send us the sample or we bring it from your plant



A complete and professional analysis

- Chemical analysis is performed in our ISO certified laboratory.

We carry out analyses for all types of oils: hydraulic, reducer, machine-tool, transformer, calorific ...


A diagnostic adapted to your environment

-  The ISO-certified I-care Predictive Maintenance Engineer who knows your installations prepare the report and write recommendations adapted to your equipment.

- The report is presented and explained to you by the same engineer.


High reactivity

We guarantee a maximum of 3 working days between receipt of the sample and the diagnosis




I-care is independent of any oil supplier. You therefore have the guarantee of a neutral analysis and diagnosis.



Competitive price and no prepayment

- Our offer is among the most competitive on the market.

- In addition, unlike the majority of our competitors, you will not pay for your oil analysis until the report is submitted! If needed, we provide you the bottles at cost.


It is with pleasure that we will make you an offer without obligation.

Or send your request to nicolas.bleret@icareweb.com