One in two employees becomes a shareholder of I-care, which raises over 10 million euros

One in two employees becomes a shareholder of I-care, which raises over 10 million euros

Mons – The Belgian company I-care, a global leader in machine health, has just closed a fundraising of more than 10 million euros. 180 new employees have invested in their company, joining the 75 employees who were already shareholders of I-care, some of them since 2008. This is a strong signal, which demonstrates the high confidence of the teams and shareholders in I-care's growth.

News 14 January 2022

Our initial objective was to raise around 3 million euros," explains Fabrice Brion, CEO of I-care. “And we ended up raising three times that amount! I already knew that our teams were motivated by our development, but I did not expect such a success. A company of this size with one out of two employees as a shareholder – I measure how exceptional this is. Above all, I would like to thank our teams for their trust!"

The shareholding employees have invested 35,000 euros per person on average. Together with the founders, they now own 84% of the company.

This fundraising round will allow I-care to continue its development to support the health of industrial machines around the world. "We want to multiply our size by 5 in the next 5 years," explains Fabrice Brion. But he immediately emphasizes that it is not a matter of growing just for the sake of it: "Our market will at least quadruple in the next 5 years. Growing will allow us to remain faithful to our values - performance, sustainability and respect for people - and to keep control of our destiny. This is more essential than ever considering the unstable context in which the economy is evolving!"

I-care won the “Business of the Year” Award in 2020 and is a global leader in industrial machine health. Their AI and data-driven solutions predict industrial failures months or even years before they occur. Thanks to I-care, machines around the world are safer, more productive and more sustainable. Founded in 2004 in Mons, I-care employs more than 500 people and has offices in 11 countries (Europe, USA and Asia) with customers in more than 55 countries.

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