The first Wi-care™ Triax are operational

The first Wi-care™ Triax are operational

Last week, Nicolaides and I-care installed the first 14 Wi-care™ TRIAX sensors in the world at a Chilean Company in Laja.

News Condition Monitoring 19 June 2018

What is the chilean company doing?

The company is specialized in pulp and paper, being one of the biggest in Latin America. It is engaged in integrated forest industry.

Who is Nicolaides?

Nicolaides is our partner in Chile for predictive maintenance and products sales for 3 years. They focus on Wi-care sales in Mining and Paper industries.

A first step in the maintenance 4.0 for this customer

On request of the customer, the 14 Triax sensors have been placed on 14 different assets. In order to support Nicolaides and assure a perfect operation of the system, the placement of sensors, range extenders and the gateway was supervised by Pascal Burrig.

Installation has been done in less than 2 hours (compared with a wired installation that would take few days due to long distance between transmitters and gateway).

As for every Wi-care project or demonstration, when the gateway was switched on, acquisition of data was almost immediate and first spectra visible on I-see. The analysis and reports will be done internally by the customer’s condition monitoring engineer.

We can expect more Wi-care Triax sensors to be ordered in the future to monitor other assets of this Chilean company.