Buy your Wi-care hardware and get its value in services for free.

Buy your Wi-care hardware and get its value in services for free.

From June 1 to December 31, 2018, for any order of equipment from the Wi-care range, you will receive for free the value of the equipment in purchase vouchers for services.

News Industry 4.0 7 August 2018

In 2013, after more than 5 years of research and development, I-care™ launched its Wi-care™ product range, cutting edge of technology vibration and temperature sensors equiped with wireless transmitters, supported by I-see™, the web data treatment portal also developed internally.

Since their launch, Wi-care™ and I-see™ have never stopped improving and are now among the best solutions in the market for maintenance 4.0.

I-see™, the first web-based platform integrating multiple predictive technologies, provides to customers a comprehensive and accurate diagnostic of mechanical assets. It collects data from Wi-care™ on site through a gateway and interpretes them.

The products participating in this action are:

Wi-care sensors (vib-care, speed-care, triax-care, AHU-care)

The Wi-care™ transmitter is the key element of Wi-care products™ allowing the assets remote measurement. Wi-care products™ are arranged on various control points. These wireless cases are going to be controlled according to the parameters entered the I-see™ platform.

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Range extender

We cared about real distances of transmission in the industrial environment. The Wi-care™ communication touch upon approximately a hundred meters. To constantly improve the Wi-care technology and cover a maximum of situations, the I-care™ engineers developed a repeater of signal. 

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The third part of the Wi-care™ system is composed of a central processing unit called gateway. The gateway represents the link between the hardware part and the cloud where will be sent, stored and processed the data. It represents the central processing unit of the system allowing to command the various transmitters as well as the created network.

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The Expertkit, the practical step towards an automated maintenance strategy. Plug & Play now: experience the maintenance data revolution without the headache (or expense)!

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Conditions of the Wi-care™ Boost offer

Offer valid worldwide for all orders of Wi-care™ products described in the offer and billed no later than December 31, 2018. This promotion is only valid for standard products and applications. Any request requiring a modification or a specific technical development will not benefit from the Wi-care™ Boost offer. The vouchers have a validity of 1 year maximum from the receipt of payment for Wi-care™ billed products. They must be used at the latest before December 31, 2019 under penalty of nullity. Vouchers are only valid for the list of services listed above. Some services in the list are mandatory prior to I-see™ activation. On-site installation made by the customer make I-care™ SPRL not liable in case of failure, misfunction or breakage of hardware. Hardware shipment, travel and meals costs of I-care™ staff are not included and invoiced separately when applicable. All other services will be invoiced according to specifications or agreements and in application of the general sales conditions of I-care™ sprl.