Wi-care™ tailor made solution for chemical industry

Wi-care™ tailor made solution for chemical industry

Based on a request of a customer, I-care production department developed a variant of Wi-care existing solution. This system will equip 7 machines considered as critical and hard access.

News 7 December 2018

Variant of 4-care system

The solution developed for the customer in the chemical industry consists of a 4 channels transmitter. The system is made up of a central box and a hermetic Wi-care transmitter as well as 3 deported channels (2 vibration sensors and a vibration and temperature sensor) that will be placed on different bearings.


The data will be collected and transmitted automatically in I-see, the cloud-based platform of predictive maintenance developed by I-care.
For even more flexibility, the central box is equiped with BNC connectors that allow the connection of a portable collector of type CSI 2140 vibration signals.

The sky is the limit…

This new system prove once again the great adaptability of Wi-care technology in order to answers every customer’s needs.
Contact us to explain your need and we’ll be pleased to meet it.