Wind Turbine inspection: Follow the machine lifetime !

Wind Turbine inspection: Follow the machine lifetime !

Wind turbines often impress by its majestic aspect. But such machines need to be correctly maintained. Let’s summarize the 4 steps for a good wind turbine inspection. The wind industry profitability is based on the health of each component of the wind turbine generator. The experts will focus on reducing unplanned shutdowns, reducing maintenance and safety issues, and minimizing maintenance costs. To reach such a result, experts work throughout the lifetime of the machine.

News Condition Monitoring 18 May 2018


The first step begins right after the end of the construction of the wind turbine. The experts will check if everything is right before the operational level. They will ensure that the start-up conditions are correct, that the equipment will work properly and register with the supplier/manufacturer the guarantee/warranty on the equipment.

Punctual general inspection

Following the expert consulting committee of German Wind energy association, the operator has to arrange for the inspection to be done by a specialized company. The inspection intervals comply with the installed capacity of the wind turbine and are defined as follows:

  • Wind turbine less than 300 kW: every 4 years
  • Wind turbine from 300 to 1500 kW: every 2 years
  • Wind turbine above 1500 kW: annually

Experts have to ensure inspections on each main component following these procedures.

End of warranty inspection

The operation and maintenance of wind farms are costly. To ensure the wind turbines provide cost-efficient operation for as long as possible, any deficiencies that occur within the fixed warranty period must be repaired by the manufacturer. The end-of-warranty inspection service will help to reduce costs by detecting failures of critical components as early as possible in order to establish warranty claims.


The last step consists on providing recognized experience combined with multi, hi-tech technologies in terms of prediction analysis to identify the root cause of a fault causing a shut-down of the equipment and to propose technical solutions in order to prevent new occurrences of this fault.

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