World Class 300 Korean Delegation visited I-care for an economic mission

World Class 300 Korean Delegation visited I-care for an economic mission

The WC 300 korean delegation visited the offices of I-care as part of an economic mission.

News Calibration & Measurement 11 October 2018

At the occasion of an European Visit of the World Class 300, the Korean Delegation had the opportunity to visit 3 companies in Belgium including I-care. 

What is The World Class 300 delegation ? 

The World Class 300 delegation is visiting companies all over Europe. The enterprises which reinforce their growth capacity by themselves, secure their future growth engine and competitive superiority through a continuous innovation, and expand their market power while competing, dealing, and cooperating with global enterprises in the market with a great growth potential on the basis of the independence of their business relationships. 

What's the purpose of the visit ?

The project in which the government aims at promoting 300 'World-Class' enterprises by providing small and medium-sized enterprises with growth will and potential with a package of support policies required to expand their global market. The World Class 300 businesses can strengthen the weak industries, obtain next-generation growth engines, and create high-quality jobs.

I-care chosen among 3 other companies in Belgium

During the Korean delegation trip in Belgium, three Walloon companies were visited in Belgium. I-care has been chosen for her innovative aspect. The maintenance 4.0 services were spotlighted during the presentation of Fabrice Brion, CEO of I-care, putting Wi-care and I-see, the two main I-care technical innovations, at the forefront.