The basics of data-driven maintenance

Industry 4.0
The basics of data-driven maintenance This course is aimed at anyone in a maintenance environment who is interested in data science and predictive analytics, and wants a foundation to work with it themselves.

Thanks to recent evolutions, we can now connect various systems where this was previously impossible. We can communicate wirelessly and transmit data at an unprecedented speed and quantity. And more, thanks to AI - Artificial Intelligence - the system already makes its first interpretation. This is also a groundbreaking development for maintenance: it allows us to act proactively and plan more efficiently, resulting in high availability of our assets. But at the same time, this is also a challenge. The new technology works differently, uses different jargon and requires different skills. Since a good start is already half the battle, BEMAS offers a basis in this Data-Driven Maintenance training. Companies often sit on a wealth of information without knowing it. Unfortunately, it is often hidden and scattered, so the potential to generate value from this data often remains unused. During this one-day programme, you will get a clear overview of all the terms and concepts surrounding data analytics and data-driven work, along with some recent case studies. You will receive a crash course in data science for production and maintenance. This way, you will get to know the language of the data scientists in an illuminating way, and you will be able to talk about predictive analytics and 4.0.

Industry 4.0 Netherlands 16 March 2021 Dutch On demand


  • Introduction and overview of current opportunities for the use of analytics & data science for production and maintenance
  • Overview of concepts and techniques in data science & analytics
  • Overview of some recent case studies
  • Mapping how your company can valorise data
  • Successfully starting a data innovation project
  • Explaining the possibilities and applications of Robot Process Automation - RPA
  • Ample opportunity for questions and answers


About the teacher

Joris Van Ostaeyen is Chief Strategy Officer of Robonext. Robonext ( is your European partner for smart business automation and implements robotic process automation (RPA) technology to automate repetitive business processes with virtual robots. Joris is a civil engineer in electromechanics (2003, KULeuven) and a PhD in engineering (2014, KULeuven).

Early in his career, Joris worked for 5 years at Atlas Copco, first as a quality and production engineer in Antwerp and then as manufacturing project leader for the start-up of a new compressor elements plant in Wuxi (China). After his return from China, Joris worked as a researcher at the Centre for Industrial Policy of the KULeuven and conducted research on service business model innovation for industrial companies.

After his PhD, Joris worked for five years as an independent consultant helping companies to create value from services and data. For Barco, he was project manager of the servitization project "Lightlease", in which a predictive maintenance service was developed for digital cinema projectors based on predictive analytics. For SAS Institute he was project manager for the implementation of advanced analytics, for example at 3 European Solvay plants and for the implementation of a predictive maintenance project at Aperam. For iCare Group he worked as project manager data driven asset management, for example for BASF and SPX Dry Cooling. Joris has been giving guest lectures at KULeuven and KULAK for 10 years. He also has extensive experience in giving interactive workshops about big data, machine learning and robotic process automation, for example for VLAIO, VOKA, BEMAS and ABB Benelux.


Organised by: BEMAS