Effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling with Business Game I-Plan

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Effective Maintenance Planning and Scheduling with Business Game I-Plan This course is recommended for Maintenance Planners, and Schedulers. It would also benefit Maintenance Supervisors or Managers wishing to gain a comprehensive understanding of planning and scheduling best practices.

This course, which makes use of I-care's business game - I-Plan - to exlaine the maintenance planning and scheduling best practices. The more we can reduce time needed to search for parts, tools, and drawings; the more we can reduce waiting for jobs to be assigned, the more we use our maintenance force efficiently and the more we streamline the production process. The course covers the benefits of planning and scheduling; the processes of work identification, estimating work, managing backlog, scheduling work, and gathering and analyzing equipment history, and how to track and interpret maintenance metrics. The scope of the course addresses routine maintenance as well as line stops.

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You will learn: 

  • The benefits of planning and scheduling
  • How to reduce waste within the workorder flow
  • Define roles and responsibilities in the planning and scheduling process
  • Effectively identify and prioritize work
  • Building effective job plans
  • Estimate time
  • Understanding, calculating and managing Backlog
  • Schedule routine daily, weekly, and monthly maintenance tasks
  • Difference between routine maintenance and shutdowns
  • Risks of a shutdown
  • The different steps in a shutdown process
  • Calculating the critical path
  • Select appropriate indicators for the follow-up of the workorder flow


3 days including the full exploration of the business game I-Plan


  • English
  • French
  • Dutch