Lubrication Machine Technician MLT 1 (ISO 18436-4) Certification

Condition Monitoring
Lubrication Machine Technician MLT 1 (ISO 18436-4) Certification This course is aimed at Reliability engineers, maintenance experts, maintenance technicians occupied with preventive maintenance.
MLT Certification (ICML)

This course focusses on the importance of the lubrication on the reliability of your assets. The most appropriate methods and practices of (re)lubrication will explained. With this training you will receive a good understanding to master lubrication management.

Condition Monitoring On demand English On demand


You will learn: 

  • Maintenance strategies
    • Lubrication theory
    • Tribology
    • Lubricant function
    • Liquid and solid lubricants
    • Composition
    • Properties
    • Lubricant choices
    • Properties
    • Additives
  • Use
    • Application and draining methods
    • Relubrication frequency
    • Lubrication good practices
    • Lubrication in predictive maintenance
    • Lubricant filtration
    • Storage management of lubricants
  • Questions/answers
  • MLT 1 Examination according to ICML


2 days + 0.5 day for the certification


  • English
  • French
  • Dutch