Ultrasonic Measurement Level I (18436-8) Certification

Predictive Maintenance
Ultrasonic Measurement Level I (18436-8) Certification This course is recommended for Maintenance Technicians and Specialists.

This two-day course is aimed at people who want to focus on reducing energy losses through the detection of air leaks using ultrasonic technology. This course covers applications such as monitoring of steam traps, optimizing lubrication of bearings, density control valves, and analysis of simple flow valves. This course contains many practical examples that translate directly into every branch of industry. A certification examination is provided on the morning of the third day of training.

Predictive Maintenance On demand English On demand


No experience is required.


  • Implementation of ultrasonic measurements in a Predictive Maintenance program
  • What is ultrasound?
  • Detection of compressed air leaks using ultrasonic technology
  • Control of steam traps
  • Control of lubrication
  • Characteristics of leaks
  • Calculation of leakage and potential savings