Vibration Analysis Cat II (ISO 18436-2) Certification

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Vibration Analysis Cat II (ISO 18436-2) Certification Operators, technicians or maintenance, method, planning managers
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This course provides a deeper understanding of the vibration analysis techniques and methods. The program concludes on the morning of the 5th day with an examination that, upon successful completion, will allow the participant to achieve certification as a Vibration Analyst ISO Category II. This course focuses on the analysis of complex problems such as machine resonance and vibration analysis of more complex machines such as gearboxes and low-speed applications. This program provides a more thorough understanding of the theoretical background of vibration analysis when compared to the Cat. I course, with concepts such as sampling, aliasing, and windowing being presented in detail. During and for an extended period following this training, the participant will be provided access to the iLearn Vibration Analysis software that may be used for independent study.

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Specific knowledge is not required to attend this training program, but in order to obtain certification as a Vibration Analyst ISO Category II, the participant shall, in accordance with the ISO 18436 standard, possess a minimum of 18 months of practical experience in the application of vibration analysis techniques. If the participant does not possess this experience at the time of the examination, a temporary certificate will be issued, with full certification being provided upon completion of the professional experience requirements. This certification will be of value to Vibration Analysts with a minimum of 18 months of experience in measurement and analysis.


You will learn: 

  • Basic concepts of vibration analysis and data acquisition
  • Signal processing (resolution, aliasing, windowing, etc.)
  • Implementation of vibration analysis techniques on motors, fans, pumps, slow speed equipment, and gearboxes
  • Measurement of natural frequencies and resonance
  • Determination of criticality in problem diagnosis


4 days, with examination provided on the morning of day 5


  • English
  • French
  • Dutch