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Wi-Care Success Story on Oven

Wi-Care Success Story on Oven

Ten exhaust fans, installed on top of spraybooths, are critical for operations in an automotive production plant.

Condition Monitoring Automotive 19 August 2019


Ten exhaust fans, installed on top of spraybooths, are critical for operations in an automotive production plant.

Figure: Spraybooth used in automotive industry with fans installed on the top.

To increase the reliability of his installation, the customer wants to extend the existing periodic monitoring program, with wireless online monitoring of both vibration and temperature.
Because of internal constraints, two additional (and challenging) requirements were defined:

  • a very short delivery time of the monitoring system was crucial
  • on site installation time needed to be limited to one day

Proposal and installation

The Wi-care wireless vibration and temperature monitoring system was presented to the customer and the deal closed shortly after, with the promise that above requirements would be respected.

On the day of installation, we arrived at 8.00 AM at the customer’s site. The Wi-care vibration and temperature sensors were mounted on all fans, using magnet mounting.  This way, it only took a few minutes to carefully finish the installation of all ten Wi-Care transmitters. We powered the gateway and immediately started configuring the database.

As can be seen in the following picture, data from the first fan, was coming in at 9:28:33, less than 90 minutes after entering the site.

The next picture shows the situation at 11 AM: configuration and commissioning on all 10 channels was terminated and reference data was collected on all fans.

Alarm levels and information regarding theoretical defect frequencies was added and the easy to use, web based software was explained to the customer.  At lunch time, we left the plant.


High resolution data (2000 Hz bandwidth, 6400 lines of resolution) is collected every 8 hours.  Below, as an example, the spectrum collected on one of the fans, that allows detailed analysis and a reliable assessment of the mechanical condition.

The customer is extremely satisfied with the results and is planning to further expand the system in the near future.  The example once again proves the Wi-Care system is plug and play, while providing high quality vibration and temperature data.