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Wi-care success story: plug and play monitoring

Wi-care success story: plug and play monitoring

A leading Belgian pharmaceutical company selected I-care’s wireless Wi-care solution, to realize cost effective and reliable vibration monitoring on a critical centrifuge.

Condition Monitoring Pharma 19 August 2019

Figure: centrifuge inside soundproof enclosure


As all four Wi-care vibration sensors were magnet mounted on the motor and centrifuge, sensor installation was literally finished in a matter of minutes. A 220V powered range extender was installed nearby, while the Wi-care gateway was fitted in the electrical substation. Although four walls are located between the range extender and the substation, signal strength proved to be very good at the gateway.

Less than 20 minutes after visiting the machine for the very first time, installation and commissioning was accomplished and data collection was up and running!


Below examples show some of the data collected upon installation. With selectable bandwidth, high resolution spectra and matching waveforms, Wi-care provides high quality data allowing detailed analysis and follow up of the mechanical condition of this critical installation. All this, at a cost unmatched by any other vibration monitoring system on the market !


Figure: high resolution vibration spectrum on the centrifuge


Figure: zoom analyis