I-care Reliablity remote monitoring/reporting/reliability project staffing

I-care Reliablity remote monitoring/reporting/reliability project staffing

We are in unprecedented times. Like any other organization, we are working hard to adapt to this new reality, and to provide immediate cost effective options to help our clients continue production.

News 25 March 2020

As a global services provider, we are seeing the impact of this pandemic firsthand. I feel fortunate that I-care is providing daily internal updates on our global teams wellbeing and health. The operational state of our clients and partners have changed, and will continue to change, and we are looking to provide a valued solution during this time period. 


I-care Reliability has a reduced fixed cost solution for the following : 

  • Wi-care (hardware) wireless class 1/div 1 certified vibe/temp sensors w/ web based reporting access on our I-see platform (software) 
  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics on collected data 
  • Remote reliability project support (criticality ranking, PM optimization, BOM building, process development etc.) 

Business production goals is now more challenging then is was just a few weeks ago, and sustaining proper asset management efforts will be essential.

I-care can help install, train, and create, scopes of work remotely at no added fees or costs. Please, surf on the contact page for more information. 


We'll face this together !