I-care at MARCON 2020: an opportunity to learn more about asset management aspects

I-care at MARCON 2020: an opportunity to learn more about asset management aspects

MARCON 2020 was a fantastic opportunity to learn more about what aspects of asset management practitioners are currently focused on. To say the least we sincerely enjoyed all the conversations we had, and it was a pleasure networking with all attendees.

News Condition Monitoring 26 March 2020

I-care attending MARCON 2020

We heard loud and clear the skills crisis across all US manufacturing sectors is a key challenge to sustaining asset management "best practices". I-care is pleased to offer a staff augmentation service, that will support your current programs efforts, and will ensure fundamental practices are executed on. We heard from one Maintenance Manager from a leading automanufacring company, "I have had an opening now for a Planner that has gone unfilled for over a year", and he discussed how that is trickling down to poor management of work orders on a growing backlog. I-care has qualified available Reliability Professionals that can help with all asset management projects: CMMS/EAM configuration, preventive maintenance efforts, reliability projects, and work management execution. Being a global services company, we understand the importance of having certified and experienced staff members that can actually complete the work, and also coach and transfer knowledge during the assignment. 
Understanding how to build a formal business case for "IIoT" efforts was also consistently a subject that was brought up. With a majority of organizations knowing how to outline benefit targets on preventive/predictive maintenance practices and reliability centered maintenance  based activities , there is an unknown on how to apply and track ROI on enhanced IIoT investments. I-care has established a full "roadmap" to implementing in the needed products and software to properly manage the added data and reporting, and how to sustain the results to build upon. I-care is proud to be a global leader in Industry 4.0 solutions, and look forward to presenting our model to help your organization achieve these results. 

About I-care Reliability

I-care Reliability offers a comprehensive full suite of Reliability Solutions across the globe. We strive to deliver the highest value towards increasing productivity and efficiency through integrating in our World Class cutting edge IIoT tools and products, Condition Monitoring services, Reliability Engineering consulting offerings, and Staffing and Recruiting support. I-care Reliability will ensure the results needed towards all asset management efforts through a focus around your organizations People, Processes, and Technologies