I-care Talent helps you to find, attract and retain the right Maintenance & Reliability professionals

I-care Talent helps you to find, attract and retain the right Maintenance & Reliability professionals

Many industrial companies are struggling to attract, develop and retain people, especially in technically oriented jobs in maintenance, reliability and asset management. It proves to be a considerable challenge to find suitable talents, to attract them and to monitor their career development, let alone facilitate their objectives. I-care Talent helps you solve this problem. With us, you have the best talents in the world at your fingertips.

News Talent 9 July 2020


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Joel Crawford, our director of sales explains how I-care helps their customers facing the challenges to find, attract and retain the right M&R professionals

The Maintenance & Reliability (M&R) industry is challenged right now from a global perspective. Many companies are struggling to find and retain M&R professionals, because of a lack of available talent in specific skill sets. Meanwhile, there is an abundance of offerings in the staffing industry. Since 2004, I-care Group has instituted and helped standardize Asset Management “best practices” for organizations globally. We are using this experience to tackle one of the most critical challenges for Maintenance and Reliability Leaders today, hiring and retaining talent. I-care Talents mission is to Identify, Screen, Place, and Secure the talent your organization needs today.

What sets us aside is our holistic approach from an M&R point of view. With deliverables in processes and products, it makes sense for us to complete the triangle by helping out our clients with a focus on people. As a result, we can do assessments of their overall Industry 4.0 and Maintenance 4.0 roadmaps and align these with their hiring efforts and talent strategy. With powerful screening methods added, we have a strong proposition for any company looking to expand their M&R capabilities. We also recognize that many of our clients are not looking for process-driven support. They look for skill sets. In that case, our approach is entirely different: they have the vision and roadmap, we supplement them with staff on a full time or contract basis.

With a worldwide presence in the M&R market since ’04, we understand our markets. Because we are a global company, we understand the differences from a geo perspective. There is no one size fits all. In every country, companies have different cultures, and we understand this. That is why we customize our solution based on how our clients are working and where they are located. Our service model, however, always includes the following four pillars:

  • Direct hiring: staffing for permanent positions in M&R
  • Contract staffing: for companies looking for M&R specialists to support a project
  • Recruit and retain: a service with an emphasis and overall goal to help retain employees
  • Talent management: outline and standardize an approach for items such as job descriptions, screening and skills assessments, branding, and overall candidate management

Finding and placing candidates is only part of our goal. We are proud to offer a service with an emphasis on helping you retain employees as well. We do this through employee development and offer accredited certifications with each placed hire. The program is called Recruit and Retain and is a dual offering approach between I-care Group and Reliabilityweb. Our service addresses a significant pain point for M&R departments all over the world. Not only the lack of available and accessible talent with the right skills but also the difficulties departments have retaining talent. Training and education are often a reason for a lot of unplanned attrition. Therefore, we offer our clients a scholarship towards a globally accredited certification with Reliabilityweb. the CRL and CMM, Certified Reliability Leader and Certified Maintenance Manager.

Talent management is another, often overlooked aspect. Part of the methodology in finding, training and retaining personnel has to do with networking and having the ‘right’ market approach. We help companies to build a strategic approach towards identifying, screening and recruiting R&M staff. Besides this outline, we also focus on the effective use of tracking software, better interviews, and more. Our expertise can help make our clients efforts in building a great M&R department successful. Last but not least, our passion for M&R is what sets us apart. Being successful in this business for almost two decades, we recognize passion when we see it.

Being innovative with technology and processes, the people part of our business is no different. We innovate all the time to engage the biggest challenges in our market. We do so by building and customizing solutions to help our customers to sustain best practices. And as an international company with global experience, we bring this customization to another level that cannot be reached by our competitors. Across all industries and for each respective client. Whether you are a global company or a regional player. Wherever you are in the world. M&R is a lot about culture, certainly when it is about hiring the right talent. We understand that more than any other company, simply because we have worked everywhere.