Asset Reliability Practitioner ARP Cat I Certification

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Asset Reliability Practitioner ARP Cat I Certification This course is oriented towards a large range of technical functions. In the first case for Managers, Engineers, Planners and Supervisors responsible, those contributing to the development and implementation of a maintenance strategy.

The Asset Reliability Practitioner [ARP] Category I “PLANT-WIDE AWARENESS” course is intended for everyone working within an organization who in any way influence the management, design, engineering, procurement, maintenance, or operation of an organization that involves critical rotating machinery and electrical equipment. The course achieves this goal by utilizing animations and animated simulations that make it understandable, memorable, and interesting. Delivered by passionate industry experts, this course, with the optional exam/certification, the course will make a difference to the future of your organization.

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You will learn:

  • Understand why improvement is desired
    • Introduction
    • Understanding the benefits
    • Supporting the program
    • How do we make the change?
    • Understand why “failure” occurs
    • Understanding “failure”
  • Understand what we can all do about it
    • The “defect elimination” concept
    • The “asset reliability strategy”
    • Work management
    • Spares management
    • Precision and proactive work
    • Condition monitoring
    • Breaking out of reactive maintenance
    • Continuous improvement


2 days, with examination provided on the morning of day 3


  • English
  • Dutch