How do I translate a maintenance plan into a correct maintenance budget ?

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How do I translate a maintenance plan into a correct maintenance budget ? "This training aims at responsibles for budgeting and monitoring maintenance costs: . Production and maintenance managers . Team leaders . Reliability engineers . Quality and business process manager"

Drawing up a maintenance budget is an annual obligation for the maintenance manager. The maintenance plan should periodically been evaluated and adjusted in order to continuously increase the installation’s availability. A coherent budget gives the maintenance department the opportunity to monitor the implementation of improvement actions and to adjust where necessary. During the training we see - by making use of zero-based budgeting - how we achieve this goal. This training is provided with a Dutch syllabus

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You will learn:

  • Gain insight into a number of financial aspects such as "Supply Chain", conversion costs, capital expenditure, variable costs, fixed costs, budgeting, controlling, "Life Cycle Cost" (LCC) etc ..
  • Know the needs and expectations of a maintenance budget.
  • Gain insight into the basic principles and structure of a maintenance budget.
  • Being able to distinguish between maintenance costs from other costs.
  • Know the difference between a budget at "Asset" level or Work order level?
  • Recognize the advantage of "Zero Based Budget" versus a historical or a repeat budget.
  • Determine which data is needed to draw up a maintenance budget.
  • How to draw up a correct maintenance budget in function of the maintenance plan.
  • How to defend a maintenance budget vis-à-vis management and how to communicate with the maintenance team.


1 day course


  • English
  • French
  • Dutch