Introduction to MCA (Motor Circuit Analysis)

Condition Monitoring
Introduction to MCA (Motor Circuit Analysis) "• Maintenance technicians responsible for the inspection of electro motors • No prior knowledge is required"

This course is aimed for people responsible for the executing condition monitoring and who likes to extent their knowledge in the field of MCA (Motor circuit Analysis). This course will give you a good understanding of the typical failure patterns of a large set of types of electro motors. For the different failure patterns, different MCA approaches are needed. The selection of a correct measurement method is not always straight forward. Unreliable motors can be the cause of significant power qualIty problems.

Condition Monitoring On demand English


You will learn:

  • Recognizing different type of motors
  • Identifying the typical failures with electro motors
  • The different measurement methods for condition monitoring of electro motors
  • Methods for measuring low and high voltage systems
  • The pro’s and con’s of the different measuring methods
  • The value of measuring Power Quality


This is a 1 day training


  • English
  • French
  • Dutch