Routine Equipment Care (Autonomous Maintenance) Leaders Seminar

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Routine Equipment Care (Autonomous Maintenance) Leaders Seminar "This seminar is aimed at decision takers such as: • Senior Managers • Reliability Leaders • Operations and Maintenance Supervisors • Business Process Manager"

"Routine Equipment Care (REC) also know as ""Autonomous maintenance"" is key in the deployment of an asset management strategy. During this seminar, the organization will be developing a common understanding of the Routine Equipment Care (REC) process, as well as taking critical decisions that will support the successful foundation of the REC process. The seminar is given only in-company. Autonomous maintenace is seen as a critical contributor of Total Productive maintenance (TPM). TPM aims at an improved collaboration between production, maintenance and engineering. The impact of TPM can be seen in a structural increase of your OEE - Overall Equipment Effectiveness -."

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You will learn:

  • The place of Routine Equipment Care (REC) within the concept of asset management
  • What is REC? And what is it not ...
  • Defining responsibilities and roles
  • The use of deviation labels, 5S
  • The distinction between deviations and failures
  • The how and why of inspection standards
  • What are visual controls and how do they make Routine Equipment Care more effective?
  • The use of an Routine Equipment Care board
  • How to prepare "One Point Lessons"
  • 5 why and his role within Routine Equipment Care
  • REC audit
  • Which KPIs can you use as a driving force.
  • Make a REC board and use it as a driving force for the REC process


This is a 1 day seminar


  • English
  • Dutch