Routine Equipment Care (Autonomous Maintenance) Workshop

Reliability Solutions
Routine Equipment Care (Autonomous Maintenance) Workshop This course is recommended for Maintenance or Operating Supervisors and Managers wishing to learn about the methods and benefits of REC and for manufacturing employees in a REC environment.

This workshop teaches you the essential elements of Routine Equipment Care (REC), also known as Autonomous Maintenance or Operator Inspection, and facilitates participants in workshop fashion as they identify routine equipment checks, visual controls, and equipment restoration activities.

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  • The typical roles and responsibilities in the REC process
  • How to establish and understand the difference between abnormalities and failures
  • How to establish the Operations-Maintenance partnership
  • How to develop REC inspections
  • The use of visual controls to enhance the inspection process
  • Daily visual management through the use of an REC board
  • How to use Single Point Lessons (SPLs) to drive continuous training
  • How to derive accountability with a simple audio process
  • How to deal with the typical cultural and emotional roadblocks that may derail the REC process