Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outage Planning

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Shutdown, Turnaround, and Outage Planning This course is recommended for any personnel directly involved with the planning of, execution, and/or management of an industrial outage, shutdown, or turnaround, including Maintenance and Operations Supervisors, Maintenance Planners, and Reliability resources.

This course provides the participants with the insight, concepts, and tools required to effectively plan for an industrial outage, sometimes referred to as a shutdown or turnaround (STO).

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Key points of discussion include:

  • Defining the outage process
  • Readiness checks
  • Identification of work, scope, and budget
  • Execution and plan changes
  • Establishing the outage organization
  • Post review and critiques
  • Risk analysis and disaster recovery
  • Measuring the effectiveness of the outage
  • Communication plans

This course differs from the standard maintenance planning and scheduling training courses in that each participant is provided with the toolkit necessary to make real changes in their organization upon their return to the workplace, including developing a communication plan, assessing current practices, and developing a rational improvement plan for success.


  • Measure current performance with regards to STO management and identify opportunities for improvement
  • Apply the special techniques required to plan for and execute effective outages
  • Apply risk management techniques to address potential problems
  • Assess the current STO management process within the organization and develop an improvement plan for success