Infrared thermography - Cat 1

Mantenimiento predictivo
Infrared thermography - Cat 1 Operators, maintenance technicians

This Level I certification course is offered in conjunction with the ITC (Infrared Training Center) and covers the application of thermography as a predictive maintenance technique. This course focuses on the application of these techniques for new infrared camera users. A certification examination is provided on the morning of the fifth day of training.

Mantenimiento predictivo Bajo demanda English Bajo demanda


  • Practical experience of 12 months in infrared thermography.

* Necessary to pass the exam. Not mandatory to attend the training


  • Acquire infrared thermography basic principles ;
  • Understand the physical principles of thermal transfer;
  • Interpret a thermal image and draft a report ;
  • Ability to recognize the applications of the theory of Infrared analysis .

Material didáctico

  • Infrared thermographic camera ; 
  • Bench equipment and oractical training examples.


  • Introduction to infrared thermography ;
  • How to use a camera (basic and advanced settings) ;
  • Thermal image interpretation ;
  • Thermal image technical analysis ;
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis ;
  • Infrared measurements techniques ;
  • Basis of thermodynamics ;
  • Basis of heat transfer ;
  • Electromagnetic spectrum ;
  • The exchanges of energy by radiation ;
  • Practical examples on the test rig ;
  • Questions/answers ;
  • Examination level 1 ITC.