Introduction to vibration analysis

Mantenimiento predictivo
Introduction to vibration analysis All audiences

This one-day course is aimed at people who come into contact with the application of vibration analysis in the support of a predictive maintenance program. It is an excellent training experience for those who wish to explore the possibilities provided by this analysis technique. Numerous real-world examples illustrate how and where this maintenance philosophy can be applied.

Mantenimiento predictivo Bajo demanda English Bajo demanda


  • Gain an understanding of vibration analysis ;
  • Ability to apply vibration analysis to detect relevant failure modes.


  • Maintenance philosophy overview ;
  • Basic vibration measurements: theory and practice ;
  • Vibration sensors, measurements and applications ;
  • Simplified mechanical problems description: unbalance, misalignment, mechanical looseness, bearing problem, etc ;
  • Demonstration of defects on test bench ;
  • Practical considerations for detecting faults through data analysis ;
  • Practical training exercises on the test bench.