Predictive Maintenance Techniques

Mantenimiento predictivo
Predictive Maintenance Techniques Operators, technician or maintenance managers

This course is designed to teach the fundamental principles of the five Predictive Maintenance (PdM) technologies most prevalent in industry: vibration analysis, infrared thermography, airborne and structure-borne ultrasonics, oil analysis, and motor circuit analysis. Upon completion of the course, attendees will have an understanding of the capabilities of the technologies along with the common traps that may be encountered during application.

Mantenimiento predictivo Bajo demanda English Bajo demanda


Technical /basic maintenance background.


  • Introduction to key predictive maintenance techniques ;
  • Understand advantages and limits of each technology ;
  • Ability to apply the suitable technology for the requirements.


  • Maintenance concepts overview ;
  • Predictive maintenance presentation ;
  • Vibration analysis;
  • Lubricants analysis ;
  • Infrared thermography ;
  • Ultrasound analysis ;
  • Electric motor analysis ;
  • Other non-destructive techniques ;
  • Practical applications exercises of predictive maintenance techniques ;
  • Knowledge test and training certificate supply.