Vibration analysis and advanced diagnosis

Mantenimiento predictivo
Vibration analysis and advanced diagnosis Operators, technicians or maintenance, method, planning managers

This course is aimed at people who are currently closely involved in the application of vibration analysis techniques in support of a predictive maintenance program.

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  • Maintenance basic training ;
  • 6 months of practical experience in vibration data collection and analysis.


By means of concrete study cases, we show how detailed vibration analysis can detect mechanical and electrical problems on several types of rotary machines.  Including simple pumps, fans and gearboxes up to more complex machines such as extruders & compressors

Particular attention will be given to the low speed machine monitoring with examples from the paper, food and chemistry sectors for example.


  • Detection of clodhopper problem, alignment, belts, rotation, lubrication by means of the analysis of tendencies and spectres ;
  • Analysis of the phase for the problems such as clodhopper, sawing ;
  • Analysis of temporal signals for chalk-lining, game, rotation, gearing problems ... ;
  • Detection of the rising defects of rotation by means of techniques demodulating and PeakVue ™ ;
  • Vibration analysis of reducers / multipliers ;
  • Detection of electrical problems by means of current and spectrum analysis ;
  • Ring test: start-up and stopping, impact testing ;
  • Introduction to ODS analysis (Operating Deflection Shapes).