Vibration analysis - Cat 1

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Vibration analysis - Cat 1 Operators, technicians or maintenance, method, planning managers
Mobius Certification

This course provides a basic understanding of the science, terminology, and analysis techniques used in the application of vibration analysis to detect rotating equipment defects. This course concludes with an examination that, when successfully completed, will certify the participant as a Vibration Analyst ISO Category I. Subjects presented include measurement technology, the use of a data collector, and practical aspects used during the design of a predictive maintenance program. The theoretical portion of this training, presenting the basics of vibration analysis, is enhanced with numerous real-world examples.

Predykcja w UR Francja - CIMI Blois Z 26 do 28 czerwca 2018 French

Wymagania wstępne

  • Basic maintenance training ;
  • 6 months of relevant experience in vibration analysis.*

*Necessary to pass the exam. Not mandatory to attend the training


  • Be able to collect consistent vibration data on standard equipment ;
  • Identify “bad readings” and carry out data basic analysis ;
  • Understand advantages and limits of vibration analysis.

Sprzęt szkoleniowy

  • Vibration test bench or rotating equipment if available on-site ;
  • 3D animations ;
  • Simulation software.


  • Vibration sensors, collectors, measurements and applications ;
  • Basic vibration measurements: theory and practice ;
  • Maintenance concepts presentation and role of vibration analysis ;
  • Predictive maintenance technologies overview ;
  • Vibration theory : Origins, waveform, spectrum,… ;
  • Simplified mechanical problems description: unbalance, misalignment, mechanical looseness, bearing problem,... ;
  • Alarm configuration introduction ;
  • Practical exercises on the test bench ;
  • Questions/answers ;
  • Certification examination according to ISO18436-2.